Friday, October 26, 2012

Craft Time: Upcycling with Decoupage

I friend gave me this rack of jars, I thought they would be awesome to use for my art/sewing supplies. They were glazed pottery, so I decided the best bet, DECOUPAGE the shit outta them. It's so easy, and quick, and the results can be quite drastic. Here's how I tuned redneck country into artsy eclectic

First, make sure the item to be decoupaged is clean, also figure out the best way to approach the "covering" stage. I decided to keep the lip with green glaze exposed, as well as the green rim on the top. Also because of the shape, and because I wanted to cover the whole surface, not just slap on a cutout image, I decided to use hand torn strips to create more abstract images and patterns.

 I use Mod Podge. Now this is only the second time I've decoupaged something. I have only used Mod Podge, there may be something better to use, or a better way to do it....but this is how I am doing it!!!!! Also use a cheapo brush to apply it, it will make the brush tacky forever, so just keep this as your decoupage brush.

OK, So take an image, here I am using vintage map book pages. I roughly ripped the paper into strips, thick ones and thinner ones, good to have variety for use later.

Brush on a nice layer of the Mod Podge onto the back of the strip of paper.

Flip it over and place it where you want it to stay, and brush on a nice coat of Mod Podge over the front. Using your finger, smooth out the edges, u may have to do some sliding around and creasing to match the contours of the object.

I wanted the bottoms of the jars to not be covered, so I turned them over to dry, then went back while still a little tacky, and cut the excess paper off around the bottom edge with scissors and a razor blade.


To finish them, I also decorated the lids, I cut out little images for each one, and did the same thing, coat the back...

Coat the front...and DONE!!!!

I decoupaged each jar with a different image, this one is alligator skin, ripped from a old reptile field guide...

This one is text and illustrations from a vintage Art book. This book is also where I got all the cool images for the tops. This helped to tie them all in too.

This one's my favorite, its a picture of organ slides from a medical journal. Note the abscess.

The black and white flight pattern map of the US from the Demo...
A cool picture from a gamer magazine...

And.....the last one, vintage, pastel colored, geography map!!! (my second favorite)

To finish them off, I wrapped some hemp cord around the necks, to cover the uneven edges of the paper. Now, I just have to figure out what to do with that plain wooden rack they sit in.....

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