Monday, April 25, 2011

Craft Time: Picture Frame Tray

 I decided I wanted a tray top for my burgundy cow print beanbag ottoman, so it could function as a table and not just as a foot rest or seat. However, instead of buying one, I thought I could make one cheap and easy. So I ripped an old art print from an old book I found at a dump, put it in an old frame I got from a thrift store for a dollar, screwed on some drawer pulls I got at a discount at Lowes (20 cent each) and created this awesome tray. Total price: about a dollar fifty!

Thrift Store Score: Maidens Downfall

I found this really cool Orchids of Hawaii hula girl mug and bought it as a present for my best friend. Orchids of Hawaii (OOH) was a restaurant supply company based in the Bronx with most of it's items manufactured in Japan, and later Taiwan. I believe this mug is from the late 70's. It was featured in the OOH bartenders guide advertising drinks such as the "Love Potion" and "Maidens Downfall".

Art?: I Thought I Saw A...

Sometimes the most horrific things can be so visually stunning they become beautiful. I found this mutilated bird on a driveway. It was missing the lower section of its body, one of it's organs was laid beside it's head, and it's severed wing was a few inches away. I thought it would make a lovely picture.

Craft Time: Shrooms for the Livingroom

I found these really cool retro looking ceramic tiles at a thrift store and thought they would make awesome coasters. I hot glued fabric strips on the back to cushion them and to protect the table tops. Four custom made coasters cost me only 2 bucks!

Thrift Store Score: Brass and Marbles

I found these awesome Fisher "Jewel Trays"  in a little country thrift store in the outskirts of Suffolk. They were patented in the 30's and i think served as ashtrays, coasters, and tip trays at bars or restaurants. They are hammered brass with marbles around the edge. I have seen these priced individually anywhere from 20 bucks and up, depending on the color and types of marbles used. I got these as a set for 2 bucks! SCORE!!!!! They look awesome with the rest of my brass collection, which is mostly stuff from India, China, and Japan.

Ghetto Dessert: Fucking GO-NUTS

Being poor forces you to be creative sometimes. I am a sugar addict, and being on a budget means no money wasted on sugary junk food, sigh..... however, I was able to make these fried bisquick dough balls rolled in powdered sugar, YUMMY!!!! I also made some with a orange sugar glaze that were even better.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

...and so it begins...

Well, this is my first blog.....I have just recently decided it may be fun to create one for all my artsy crafty types of things and just cool shit i come across on a check back and comment often!