Monday, May 14, 2012

You Gotta See It: The Woman

I watched  this tonight on netflix, and it was so good! I found out after watching it that it's actually a squeal to a movie called Offspring. But I watched "The Woman" and totally enjoyed it without having seen the first one. The movie begins with this creepy dude finding a feral woman in the woods, he captures her, takes her home to his family, ties her up in a shed with the goal of trying to civilize her (or so he clams). Then all hell breaks lose!
The actress who plays the "woman" (Pollyanna McIntosh) embodies the role so freaking well. Her body language, and her facial expressions, everything, is just perfect. She is a amazon of a woman, she is fucking wild!!!! totally in love with her.
The quality of the film is really good too. Who ever was in charge of the lighting, is a fucking genius. There's one scene at the beginning where the woman is in a cave, and only her eyes and the bridge of her nose are visible, its so primal. In another scene, the mother (played by Angela Bettis, you know May!!! love her!!!) anyway in this one scene she kind of slinks up from the back ground into her daughters room and its soooo fucking creepy, just because of the way its lit.
The sound track is weird though, it's one of those movies where the music at first doesn't seem to really match whats going on, but then you realize it makes the scenes even more thrilling by the strange juxtaposition. The ending is pretty fucking classic too, throwing a real twist on everything. Now I have GOT to see the first one, and hope there will be a third!
UPDATE: I turn on Chiller and behold, they are playing Offspring AND the woman, back to back. So I get to watch the offspring, however, it's all the T&A is blurred out....boooooo.....but it was pretty good, not as good as the sequel, but alright. much more low budget and the cinematography isn't as good, but its got some cool parts.

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