Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love: Evil Party Trick

This is a little something my dad showed me as a kid. It's a great party trick, and can be used to creep out unsuspecting Christians.

All you need is a piece of paper and some scissors.

first thing, take your paper and fold the corner down, like so


Then fold the other corner down, like making a paper airplane

and just like a paper airplane, fold it in half

Now, we are goign to cut it into thirds, first the top of the "wings" get cut off

The cut whats left in half

This gives u three sections

Now, take the bottom piece, the one to the left, and put it aside, just focusing on the first two piles we made, unfold these

We end up with this, these will form letters!

Pull out the two "L" shapes first....the rest of the shapes with form an "H" and a "E" whats that spell???????

HELL!!!!! now take that piece we set aside earlier, can u guess what that unfolds to make????


An upside down cross! Isn't it cute....

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