Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You Gotta Read It: Rat Girl A Memoir

Oh man, Kristin Hersh's book is pretty awesome, it reads more like a fantasy then a memoir. This is because, the lead singer of the Throwing Muses uses her own lyrical-esque story telling to create this surreal look back at a time of her life that was fantastical and hyper, full of hallucinations, and self discovery, and music that lived and forced its way out of her small frame as if possessed. See Kristin is a synesthete. She see's colors as a result of hearing music. She also, following a hit and run accident, began to constantly "hear music" which would haunt her until she played it and gave it substance. Add this to a girl with a crazy high IQ, who was raised by hippies, who was lead singer in a truly unique band, who was diagnosed with manic depression, who carried an imaginary snake around in a bag.. And who got knocked up young while still playing shows and recording their first record.... Add all that up with some of the most poetic characters imaginable, and well, you have quite an extraordinary read. S/N....I just wrote this blog on my phone, using some free blogger app, hopefully it publishes correctly if not I will fix it later :p

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