Thursday, April 12, 2012

Art?: Crunch Time

In a couple weeks I am going to be in an art show, so of course I wait till the last couple weeks before then to start trying to get my shit together. I only had two Lino blocks carved (war and famine) and one print ready for framing (famine). So I have been frantically carving another block (pestilence) printed the other initial block (war) I had previously carved, hand embroidered two anatomy drawings (rib cage and pelvic), harvested a decomposed deer and peroxided the bones. But that's only the beginning, still on my to do list: fix my third carving (pestilence) and reprint it, carve the last limo block and print it (death), embroider two more pieces (phalanges and skull), paint the deer bones ( red enamel), paint the picture frames (black) and embroidery hoops (black), get to Jerry's to buy some mats, affix bones to frames, frame all four prints and all four embroideries.... and if I get all that done with time to spare I may do a few more stitched body parts, like a uterus or a vagina or some shit. The only thing is I have to hand over 30 percent of my sales, so I have to jack up the prices of my stuff, which fucking sucks. The only way I thought people would even consider buying my stuff was if it was cheap! So I doubt I will sell anything.

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