Monday, May 23, 2011

You Gotta See It: The Horde

Netflix has had this movie The Horde as a "watch it now" for a while, but I just got around to watching it last week. Its a french film and of course I was drawn to it because it was a zombie movie, but after having just watch the Canadian zombie film Autumn which was a total let down, as well as recently watching another french zombie flick Mutants, which was actually really cool, I was kinda preparing myself for anything going into it. Thankfully i was blown away! The characters are great, ranging from gypsy like crooked cops set out for revenge, Nigerian drug lords, a short street tough scar faced coke head scrappy dude, a flashback having Vietnam vet, and psycho pregnant woman who will rip the throat outta anyone who gets in her way. This film focused on the action aspect of a pure zombie take over, and all of these mismatched characters making there way down (and out of) a huge housing development , as well as some personal character developments and inner drama thrown in in-between the pure ass kicking scenes, just enough development to keep you wondering who would make it out and who wouldn't, and who would totally flip the fuck out. This film also has the potential of creating some VERY iconic awesome scenes, like this one, to be remembered up there with the other great classic scenes from zombie movie history.

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