Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Art?: Vector Art RePurpose

I had a crash course in Adobe Illustrator Vector art while I was in college. I wasn't a graphic arts major so i only had to take graphic design I, so i only learned the rudimentary basics, but i still love to make them. Vector art technically means computer made images or graphics that use vectors, or paths which are "defined by points, lines, and curves that are represented by mathematical equations". Or, as it applies to a computer program such as Illustrator, you make layers of shapes in colors to crate an image, it reminds me of printmaking actually. like the way stencils are made, building up the colors on different layers, or silk screening, or multicolor block printing. It also creates a kind of "paint by numbers effect".  The really cool thing about this is you can cheat and build the layers on photographs. However, even though you are cheating, these pieces take incredible amounts of time to create, depending on how detailed you want to be. I found this tutorial I thought would be a good first try for beginners at doing vector art, you can turn any picture into a Lichtenstein type of painting.

Recently I have been repurposing my vector art for use at the library where I work. The first one I used was a picture of a friend I turned into a succubus, I sized it and turned it black and white for use on a hand-out paranormal booklist for the Young Adult collection.

I also created a poster to jazz up some blank wall space in the YA area. I used a portrait I made in vector art of me and Shaun. I changed our faces some, simplified it a little, added some text, deleted the bottles and added a book. VoilĂ ! A poster to go with the "graffiti/street" theme of the library's teen area.

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