Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Slightly Greenish Thumb: Terrariums

I put together a few terrariums recently. It all started with the finding of some great glass bowls at a thrift store for 50 cent.

One I filled with about four different types of moss I collect from sidewalks, parking lots, and swamps. I made a put down a layer of soil, then the mosses, and to top it off I added a bird skull, a feather, and a petrified rib bone. For the holidays I wanted to get festive so I added the red berries, and I loved the way the contrasted so I just left them.

The next one I wanted it to have a desert feel, so along with the plants I also used sand, petrified wood, a piece of finger coral I stood up to look more like a rock formation, as well as rugged looking shells and rocks.

The last one I used aloe, sea glass, and a sea shell. This type of aloe is a stemless variety and will bloom. I am hoping it will grow to dwarf the bowl, and look like a small little root ball anchoring this huge spiky plant.

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Kristen said...

Very cool! Kind of reminds me of a book we got not too long ago at the library...